For the Narcissist Lover in You…

No News is Frustrating News

No word yet from you-know-who.  I told myself it would take at least two weeks to hear anything back, if I heard anything back at all.  After all, you-know-who is a very busy man, working madly on his own new book (which he mentioned was due this past May), and juggling the literary magazine, family, etc.

Of course, this makes me feel no better whatsoever.  Any of you who have ever been waiting for a response about something you’ve created know what I am talking about.  Part of me believes utterly that he will love my story (what that would mean I am utterly terrified to even speculate on).  Another part of me thinks that he is ripping the story into itty-bitty pieces (metaphorically, if not literally).

After all, despite his praise of the short story I wrote at Literary Boot Camp, he did also mention that the next thing I write might be complete crap.  And technically, of course, “Ruins of Camelot” isn’t even the next thing; it was completed immediately before I left for Boot Camp.  It’s probably riddled with errors that I would now recognize, having sat under the tutelage of the Master.


And of course I know that this is just one story.  If not this one, then perhaps the next one.  It is still an amazing thing just to have such an esteemed, amazing author deign to look over my manuscript.  But still.

This is sort of a once-in-a-lifetime thing.  I ain’t going to complain if it amounts to naught, but yes, I will be pretty disappointed for awhile.  Can I tell you why, if you haven’t already guessed?

Because I really, really like “Ruins of Camelot”.  Much like with my Boot Camp short story, “The Long Way Home”, I have a sense that this is as good as anything else I have ever written.  Maybe the best so far.  And at last count, all modesty aside, I have written nine novels (at least two of which, admittedly, should be buried in an unmarked grave by the light of a full moon).  If RoC isn’t worth publishing…

Well, I won’t give up.  After my experience at Boot Camp, I’ll keep on writing forever, methinks, even if the only people who read my books are my loyal online friends, a few family members and my cats.

But still.  I will be pretty disappointed.  For awhile.  Don’t worry.  I bounce back pretty quick.  And I will always remember the amazingly encouraging words I received at Boot Camp, not only from you-know-who, but from all my fellow bootcampers, and all the people whom I have never even met who have read my stuff so far.  Thanks you guys!

So.  Here I am wasting time waiting by the phone, as it were.  Argh.  I am SO very not patient.  And it might still be weeks– or, heaven forfend, MONTHS!— before I hear back from you-know-who.  And it’s even possible that I will never hear back from him at all.  Like I said, he is a busy man, and I myself have sometimes neglected to respond to the occasional request and obligation.  I’m sort of bad that way.  How could I blame you-know-who for doing the same?


Anyway.  Twiddling thumbs.  Working on projects.  Trying to keep up with (and pay attention to) work.  Attempting not to think about it.



Onward and upward!


3 responses

  1. Anthony

    I’m anxious for you, punk.

    But what’s the story with your boot camp story?

    August 20, 2010 at 3:12 am

    • Thanks, man.

      I made the edits that he and you all suggested (mostly) and submitted it last week. It was received and apparently approved. Fine details still to be worked out, but unless I hear otherwise, I expect the tale to appear in the next issue. WOO!

      August 20, 2010 at 3:17 am

  2. Divya

    keep the hope alive george! we’re all rooting for you!!

    August 20, 2010 at 4:14 am

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