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The Truth About Toyota: Priustine

Considering the recent revelations about what really happened with all those Toyotas that allegedly went crazy and tried to drive their owners pell mell to Japan, I thought it’d be worth reposting this little ditty I made a few months back.

Just for fun, here’s the original trailer.

As it turns out, in all but one or two cases, the owners of the “haunted Toyotas” were mashing down on the accelerator instead of the brake.  Amazingly, this made their cars rocket forward rather than stop.  Still, I like my theory a little better.


One response

  1. Hester

    So that’s why my Toyota jumped the curb at Walgreens? I could have sworn I was mashing on the brake…..still, one wonders…

    July 17, 2010 at 12:10 am

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