For the Narcissist Lover in You…

Let’s Just Call it a Win-Win Situation…

"Buy me!  Buy me with money!"

"Buy me! Buy me with money!"

I entered a book sales contest over at Before you read any further, head over and buy a book. Consider it the price of admission for today. Come on, there’s some really inexpensive downloads and ebooks over there. Help me win the cashola. It’s not much ($1500 first prize) but it’ll go a long way toward helping me to Write For A Living.

You didn’t go, did you? Aw, I guess I shouldn’t be so cynical. I’ll assume the best. All right, read on.

I’ll admit I’ve had some pretty good fortune with contests. I entered a film-making contest a few years back and won a car. When I was a kid, I won several contests, both in art and in writing. Once, I won a five hundred dollar savings bond (and you can just imagine how disgruntled I was when I found out it was only worth $500 smackers if I saved it for like a hundred years or something).

But I’ve also had some not so good fortune with contests. The last one I entered was a writing contest over at amazon, and I was sorely disappointed when one of my favorite books, “The Riverhouse”, got punted in the second round.

Thus, I have mixed hopes for this current contest over at lulu. Here’s what confuses me, though:  I don’t want to seem snarky, but I am just a little incredulous. This is the title of one of the books that is currently ahead of me: “My First Book of Numbers: 1-10”  Seriously?  It’s a kids book, I get it, but look at the cover.  Really?  This is ahead of “The Girl on the Dock”?  I am not so much complaining as I am simply incredulous.  Perhaps there is some weird way that calculates their numbers.  Whatever.  Sheesh.  Weird.

Maybe I am misreading it and that book is one of the runners up for the previous contest.  The website contest page is pretty confusing.

Anyway.  I haven’t asked for much from ya’all, have I?  And I always make it worth your while.

To paraphrase the Simpsons: “Give a hoot!  Buy a book!”


One response

  1. Samus

    My goodness, did you look at the preview for that book? It really is mindboggling that anyone would buy that. And then she has a dedication, like writing it was some great achievement and not something a five-year-old could have churned out in an afternoon.

    Then again, maybe the author is mentally handicapped, in which case I’d feel like a total jerk for saying all that. In fact, I’m gonna hope that’s the case, because that’s the only way it makes any sense at all.

    July 14, 2010 at 4:59 am

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